Caitlin Winkley

Special guest

I am an experienced, highly sought after life coach who works with people all over the world.

I can best be described as a spiritual deep sea diver, bubbly, funny (I got jokes for days), down to earth, creative, fierce and a savvy business woman with an authentic approach. Oh, and I come with a lotta flavor (ya feel me?).

Through the course of my coaching career, I’ve helped hundreds of people align with and express their authentic selves in the world. The feedback I’ve most received is that I’m a different kind of life coach. What makes me different is that I combine practical action steps with spiritual tools. I believe that one without the other is incomplete, and when you marry the two, your life starts to shift in ways you’ve never experienced before.

Another way of explaining my coaching style is that I help people unlearn. When you unlearn who you aren’t, you naturally step into who you are.

During our sessions, we uncover the hidden truths that you’ve taken on that are outdated, the limited beliefs that have been operating since childhood, and the layers of garbage that have been disallowing your soul to shine in its fullest capacity.

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