Jim Jobson

Special guest

Buddha Bomb is the chosen musical performance name of software developer, James Jobson. As CEO of a Boulder software company, he created and marketed a major software application for three decades. But music is his passion and he is best known as Buddha Bomb. He has been a host on KGNU public radio since 1997, and has performed at music festivals, ecstatic-style dances, parties and events of all kinds since 2001. Buddha Bomb has devoted the greatest part of his life to elevating consciousness and using music as a transformational conduit to bring healing and joy to thousands. His sets are inspired, seamless and often mystical. A Sonic Shaman he provides the fuel for the dance journey, which can bring you to your deepest depth and your highest height. Whether spinning Ambient, Ethno-Techno, Glitch-Hop, Tribal House, Psychedelic Trance, or from any genre of electronic music, including his own compositions, Buddha Bomb gives it his all.

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