Rick Snyder

Special guest

Rick is the founder and CEO of Invisible Edge™, an international consulting firm that builds high-performance environments in major, mid-size, and emerging businesses. He leads the Invisible Edge coaches in training companies and teams to build intuitive skills and translate them into business plans and company cultures that result in more effective communication, engagement, profitability, and innovative success. His breakthrough strategies based on his upcoming book, Decisive Intuition, have been implemented by executives and businesses in Europe, Canada, Asia, Africa, and America. Rick graduated from the TCP program in '03 and has previously worked in the health-care, tourism and travel, and training spaces. He has launched four businesses and lives and travels extensively between San Francisco and London for work and leisure, and to help people access their intuitive skills for decision-making on a global scale. For more information on live presentations, trainings, and virtual learning programs for youn and your teams, please consult www.Invisible-EdgeLLC.com.

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