Rosi Greenberg

Special guest

Rosi Greenberg is an artist, author/illustrator and leadership development trainer who creates spaces for people to speak unspoken truths and love their mess. In her art, Rosi draws on psychology, anthropology, and community organizing theory to explore mental health as she intertwines text, line drawing, and swirling color. In her leadership development practice, Drawn to Lead, Rosi has trained over 4000 people to share their stories and call communities to action, from frontline anti-sex trafficking organizers to c-suite executives. Her forthcoming book, Everyone Has a Sam, creates a quirky character of the inner critic and offers ways to move beyond it. Rosi cares deeply about family, as the oldest of five children of her single-mother-by-choice Rabbi Julie Greenberg and the youngest of ten children of her donor father, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, z"l. Rosi holds a BA in Anthropology from Brown University and Master of Public Policy from Harvard and lives in Cambridge, MA.

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