02. Judith Simmer-Brown: The Science and Practice of Compassion


October 11th, 2017

25 mins 58 secs

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Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown is a Distinguished professor of Contemplative and Religious Studies at Naropa University. In this episode, Simmer-Brown discusses an undergraduate course she teaches at Naropa, Wisdom & Compassion: The Buddhist Path. Simmer-Brown discusses how much of the scientific research done in the West has focused on the negative, or what is wrong with humans/human nature. Looking at the ‘new’ science of compassion, by contrast, allows us to focus on what is right about human beings and understand how to cultivate kindness through exercises like compassion training. Simmer-Brown also gives an example of a compassion training practice and shares a brief history of the mindfulness/compassion movement in the West

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