88. Dr. Nicholas Powers: A Future On Psychedelics

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"Last time I sang the national anthem, I was on ecstasy." (Powers, 2018, maps.org) Nicholas Powers, PhD, is a writer. His no-BS approach to humanitarian literature has caught the eyes of Wall Street Journal, Truth Out, and The Independent. Tune in for a bold conversation on how a future on psychedelics might look.


Powers, N. June 15, 2018. "Black Masks, Rainbow Bodies: Psychedelics and Race." [Maps.org.](https://maps.org/news/bulletin/black-masks-rainbow-bodies-psychedelics-and-race/)

Psychedelic Alchemy guest speaker Nicholas Powers, PhD, believes that psychedelics must leave the lab and therapy office to give humanity a chance to reimagine itself, and challenge our current path of self-destruction. Remarkably, personal therapy mirrors what happens in social movements: wounded souls return to their real selves, real bodies often discarding former identities like old skin. But according to Powers, we must go beyond healing the individual to healing our history and collective trauma.

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