95. Valeria McCarroll, PhD: Somadelics, Pursuing Life with Psychedelic Support & Intentional Integration


February 27th, 2023

49 mins 5 secs

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Valeria McCarroll, PhD, joins us to discuss Somadelics, Pursuing Life with Psychedelic Support & Intentional Integration in this thought-provoking episode. Also discussed is being in 'right relationship' with the medicine, trauma responses, honoring the medicine's lineage, and transformational justice. After the episode, find more on ValeriaMcCarroll.com and Somadelics.com.

"I am deeply curious about, you know, there’s now studies that are emerging, or that have been emerging around using psychedelics to heal racial trauma and using psychedelics to address the impact of injustice in our society. I am particularly curious about because I like taking these frameworks and bringing them inside, what would it be to — to take principles and understandings of restorative justice and — and transformative justice and scaffold bodies of work so that people can do that work internally so that they can transform the parts of themselves that oppress and have been oppressed into right relationships so we can be in right relationship inside ourselves? Because I think that’s really, you know, if we sort of look at all of what’s happening in the world is the play of consciousness coming to know itself, we’re just projecting our own undigested stuff around power out there. And so if we can do that work internally, then maybe we can do that with other people in a good way." - Valeria McCarroll

"Somadelics is a contemporary path of spiritual awakening, a weaving that is inspired and informed by the traditions of classical nondual Tantra, modern psychedelic medicine, and somatic psychology. Somadelics synthesizes luminous practices for awakening radiant embodiment." -ValeriaMcCarroll.com

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