85. Regina Smith: Visions of a Thriving Mission, Culture & Inclusive Community

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Regina Smith, Masters in Contemplative Psychotherapy & Buddhist Psychology from Naropa, has a contemplated what a thriving mission, culture, and inclusivity-driven community could look like. Regina and her Naropa team are mirroring this vision in order to make it less of a dream and more reality. Tune into this episode to catch a glimpse of her insights and find out how you can help.

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I Am Because We Are

Novel: Feminist Accountability
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Big Quotes:
"One of the things I know is that I’m not the one who knows, I’ve decided to demote myself from being the one who knows. So, I can just tell you about my experience, I can’t tell you whether it’s the ultimate truth."

"How do we become okay with not being special or important or central, but rather becoming what’s needed for the collective to thrive?"

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